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Garden Bird

Our experienced sculptors have taken on a new challenge - to produce small sculptures based on their earlier work producing the larger well-known sculpture that has been hand made in the UK for over 20 years. This offers to the collector inexpensive tiny but perfect miniature works of art, the collection will be developed over the next few years with more statement making original work. Thomas Meadows was one sculptor who took up the challenge of creating miniature versions of his earlier work, capturing his unique style. Here we have a really cute garden bird, one of the most friendly UK birds we see almost daily in our gardens and loved by everyone. Please see this and all our miniatures, including many Hares and some Highland Cattle, also frogs, hedgehogs and mice.

Garden Bird

  • 6 x 6cm (2.5 x 2.5")

  • Frith TMM005

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